Aaron Bartholomew

Veteran Web Technology Professional & Software Engineer

About Aaron

“About” pages are often embellished, but I prefer straightforward sincerity. This is my story: a candid reflection of my journey in technology.

My fascination with coding ignited at age 7, delving into GameShark codes for Pokemon Red. This early exploration was more than a childhood pastime; it was the spark that ignited a deep-rooted interest in technology.

By age 12, I had progressed from simple game hacks to the rudiments of web development. During this time, my inspiration came from figures like Andrew Gower, whose creation of RuneScape represented a fusion of creativity and technical skill that resonated with me. Similarly, John Carmack’s pioneering work in game development and graphics was a beacon, guiding my own endeavors in hacking games and writing code. This period was rich with experimentation, laying the foundational stones of my future in tech.

High school, beginning in 2004, was a crucial phase of development and application. I ventured into private server software development, an ambitious project that mirrored Gower’s ingenuity in RuneScape. This was a time of learning and growth, where my coding skills expanded alongside my academic pursuits. The challenges and triumphs of developing server software were instrumental in shaping my future in technology.

In college, starting in 2008, my journey took a more sophisticated turn. Influenced by Tim Sweeney’s work in game engines and interactive graphics, I continued to refine my skills in software development. This period was marked by a blend of academic learning and practical application, as I juggled my roles as a graveyard shift Game Master and freelance web developer.

It paid off. I was hired onto the platform team at Sony, where I participated in multiple triple-A game launches, and the rest is history. Since then, I have navigated through diverse roles in startups and established tech companies, contributing to cutting-edge projects and leading innovative teams.

Looking ahead, my ambition is not just to advance in the field of technology but to leave a lasting impact. Still shaped by those influences from my past, along with the faces of new, I continue to draw inspiration from the ever-evolving tech landscape. Individuals such as Sam Altman, Emmett Shear, Lex Fridman, and others are examples of the ingenuity I aspire to. My journey, marked by constant learning and adaptation, reflects my commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether through developing groundbreaking software or mentoring the next generation of technologists, my goal remains: to innovate, inspire, and drive progress in an industry that never stands still.

My path has been a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the world of technology, and it’s a story I’m eager to keep writing.