Top 5 High Conversion WordPress Themes (Updated 2020)

Top 5 High Conversion WordPress Themes

Are you looking for high conversion WordPress themes? It seems like everyone is these days. If you make websites for a living, it seems like a nonstop search. Many marketers and new webmasters these days are using WordPress not only to manage their blog, but to manage their website as a whole. WordPress is becoming the primary CMS for many professionals – and because of this, a new market is growing for themes that attract, engage, and eventually convert users into paying customers.

Below are 5 themes that I know and love, and have used time and time again on my sites, and clients sites to increase conversion rates. These themes have shown results for me, and I think they can perform well for you too.

#5 :  X (7) – A high converting theme with a superb theme builder.

X bills itself as “The Best WordPress Theme” – and they’re pretty on mark with that claim. I’ve used X on a number of sites, because their theme builder is just second to none. While they don’t make number one on our list, X satisfies all the best requirements for closing conversion funnels on your site. The theme builder lets you as a developer create experiences for your users with little to no effort that will create conversions for you with the right traffic overnight. Additionally, the theme builder gives you ultimate flexability for implemeting very custom designs. Win win!

Download the X Theme

#4  : Enfold – Interactive with multiple design choices


Enfold has the ability to not only leave your users impressed with your design, but also have them rapidly clicking through to view more content. The visuals in this theme are amazing. Enfold uses CSS3 to add a spark to every piece of the site. The best part about Enfold is that it can be customized with multiple color and layout combinations. While using Enfold, it will be rare to see another site that looks like yours!

Download the Enfold Theme

#3 : Conversi – Clean design built for conversion

It’s all in the name here. The team who built Conversi has a history of creating high converting themes. Conversi caters to those who are spinning up handfuls of landing pages – whether they are for products, services, or everything in between. When I need a theme that will let me spin up a squeeze page, landing page, or any other consolidated lead funnel – Conversi is my first pick. In addition to their high conversion landing pages, Conversi also brings a beautiful design system to the table that will let your site stand on its own, and not look like some cookie-cutter lead gen site.

Download the Conversi Theme

#2 : Saasland – SEO Driven design, with useful short codes

Saasland is one of my favorites, because they intelligently cater their theme to digital products. If your goal is to sell a digital product, then look no further. Saasland was developed with a beautiful clean codebase, so modifying it, or forking it is very low effort. Additionally, the design customization is unmatched by other themes in this niche. Whether you are an agency, an e-learning site, an advertiser, or anything else – Saasland provides the absolute best-in-class experience to those looking to convert sales and sell their digital product.

Download the Saasland Theme 

#1 : Avada – A clean, powerful theme built to convert users

Avada does it all. And it does it all perfectly. For awhile now, Avada has been my goto theme for almost every site I build. High conversion aside, Avada offers a suite of features that you really can’t get anywhere else. They have modules for literally every scenario and type of site you can imagine. They even have a prebuilt portfolio of sites that you can preinstall, and use as a foundation for your build. This makes spinning up a new website incredibly easy, and it will ease your workload like no other theme has before. If you want ease of sales, and high amounts of conversions – look no further.

Download the Avada Theme

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